Love Your Disposable Diapers? Easy “Green” Options for Baby

If you just can’t do cloth diapers but want to make better choices for your baby and the environment then consider disposables that are more environmentally friendly.

Most disposable diapers are made with known carcinogens and toxins. They are made with non-renewable wood and contain plastics which clearly have a negative impact on the earth. It is estimated that disposable diapers take 250-500 years to decompose and in that time release toxins into our earth and ultimately our water supply.  Even cloth diapers need to be washed consuming water, detergent and electricity.

So what can today’s eco-conscious mom do?

There are a few brands of diapers that offer the convenience of disposable but have less negative impact on the earth. This is achieved by using wood pulp sourced from renewable forests and not using harmful chemicals like chorine in processing. Some companies have replaced plastics with plant-based polymers which are biodegradable. Fortunately more and more big box stores and diaper companies are offering more eco-friendly options. Depending on location, consumers will pay a few cents more per diaper for the greener option.

Here are some worth consideringDisDiapers

Seventh Generation – Wood pulp processed without chemicals containing chlorine, hypoallergenic, fragrance and latex free.

Earth’s Best Chlorine Free Disposable Diapers – Made with renewable resources and fewer petro-chemicals, latex-free, dye-free, perfume-free, contains natural absorbent material such as corn and wheat.

President’s Choice (Canada) GREEN Diapers – Made with wood from sustainable forests, chlorine-free processing, fragrance and dye-free, working on replacing most plastic with plant-based polymers, hypoallergenic liner.

Nature Babycare – Chlorine-free, corn-based materials rather than plastic, compostable diaper and packing, made entirely from renewable sources

The Honest Company – Do NOT Contain: chlorine, perfume, phthalates, lotions, optical brighteners, PVC, heavy metals, and organotins (MBT, DBT, TBT)

Attitude Disposable Diapers - 100% biodegradable & compostable, FSC Certified wood pulp, biodegradable packaging, chlorine free, hypoallergenic

Broody Chick 100% Natural Diapers - Contain only natural, fully compostable material from annually renewable resources, c hlorine Free, breathable, hypo-allergenic, fragrance free

If you know of another brand of eco-friendly disposables, please let us know! If you have reviewed these products, feel free to let us know and add a link to your blog for our readers to learn more.

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7 comments to Love Your Disposable Diapers? Easy “Green” Options for Baby

  • We mostly use cloth diapers but when we travel and at night time we use Seventh Generation and they are truly amazing. Not once has my son had a leak. They seem to hold A LOT and being latex free, chemical free and eco-friendly they are perfect. Highly recommended!

  • Are Attitude diapers available in Canada? I have trouble finding these. Maybe they’re just not available in Ontario?

  • julie

    Hi, ATTITUDE now sells online! www,

  • Audreythepoutineeater

    Attitude diapers do work well, specially well for eco-friendly diapers I did try a bunch and some of them (the real eco-friendly ones) get really hard and bulky when wet, but the sizing between 1-2 and 3 is off….my son is now a wee bit big for 1-2 and way too small for size 3 (they are huge for a 15 pounds baby)

  • Shawna

    I have a question about these “Green” diapers. Ever since my daughter started wearing pull ups she has a had a lot of severe diaper rashes, so bad that I cannot wipe her when she has pooped. They become open blisters and sometimes bleed. We have taken her to the Dr.’s a few times and they have given us some medication cream which really doesn’t seem to work. I have asked the Dr. if possibly she has become allergic to pull ups because as a baby she has never had a diaper rash. Dr. says no. So I am wondering if anyone has come across this similar problem? So maybe switching to latex free diapers/pull ups is the answer??? Please help as this pain for my daughter is killing me!BTW…she has been using Pampers

    • admin

      Hi. Thanks for the comment. Personally, I would try any brand of green diapers since they have less chemicals which may be what your daughter is reacting to. With my kids, rashes are more often about what they eat — raisins were the worst and always resulted in a rash. Watch for a connection between food and the rash/loose poops. Hope that helps.

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